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Kamran Nikravan

Kamran Nikravan is a practicing physician and painting is his hobby. His art comes from a deep appreciation of the mysteries and beauties of life. Born in Tehran, Iran, he's long been a resident and raised a family in Brentwood, California. Also included in the gallery are works created by his artistic wife, Shirin, who has a fantastic eye for color composition. Neema, his older son, has many great talents, including painting and music. Seena, his younger son, has a Matisse-like touch in his style.

Kamran has been inspired to explore the inner and to see the outer with awareness. He started with abstract expressions then became enamored with landscape paintings and now does plein air, floral, monoprint, mixed media on wood and "thoughtscape" art. He's excited by the limitless scenes that surround us which inspire his works.

Creativity in the form of painting has been one of the elements which has brought balance to his being, including his work and family. Kamran Nikravan's fine art has been featured in The Permanente Journal, the medical science publication of the Kaiser Permanente healthcare organization.

Kamran Nikravan extends his gratitude to all his art teachers, especially those at Brentwood Art Center and Kline Academy of Fine Art. Kamran is proud to have one of his paintings featured on the cover page of 40th anniversary Brentwood Art Center brochure.


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